There are times when I wish I hadn’t said it or did it.  When some thoughts comes to my mind, a little voice says, “Don’t say it.  Keep your mouth shut!”  What do I do?  I say it.  That happens a lot with my wife.  It happens with other people too.  And, no, I’m not referring to a recent event.  I was just thinking a few moments ago about how we can get into so much trouble by speaking before we think through our words.  There are times when we just let it out.  And we’re left with a big mess to clean up.

At other times we do things we wish we had not done.  I used to aggrevate my kids.  I knew I should quit, but keep on anyway.  There were times when I played a joke on someone when that little voice inside said don’t do it.  Ever been in traffic when you felt like expressing yourself?  Ever mocked someone who was mad at you?  Ever dished out a little sarcasim to someone you knew didn’t like it?  Feelings get hurt.  Jokes go too far.  People get angry.  Road rage grows.  Words are hurled.  Fists fly.

So,when you feel like saying or doing the first thing that comes to your mind, STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.  Oh, sorry.  Do that if you’re on fire.

Then again, maybe that would be better than saying or doing it.