I spoke to Charles today.  It seems we have donations (some big ones) coming from several businesses in Douglasville.  He and Amber are doing a bang-up job saving us money.  I love it. 

I had planned on dropping by the chamber today to talk about the egg hunt.  While Carlton and I were hanging out at McDonald’s for some staff time, I saw John.  We talked a bit, he invited me to give the invocation at a chamber event on Tuesday, and promised to introduce me to some guys who might want to help out!  God rocks. 

By the way, McDonald’s wi-fi is not free.  Carlton and I met there because we saw their “wi-fi hotspot” sign.  We won’t do that again.  We’re going back to Fabiano’s Pizzeria.  Not only is the service great and the food’s good, they have free wi-fi!