spamA few weeks ago I mentioned that I enjoy a little fried spam every now and then.  Even though it’s painful to fry because of the grease popping on your hand, it’s worth it.  But fried spam is not the topic today.  It’s that other kind of spam.  The kind you don’t ask for or want.  And it seems that almost everyone gets it, sooner or later. My gmail account gets spam all the time.  My church email gets them.  This stuff even finds it way in the comments of my blog (don’t go looking for them because I mark them as spam so they are never published).  Rhonda gets the same kind of messages.  Her co-workers at school get them.  It seems that marketers find a way to get us messages for stuff we don’t care about or even want to see.  Those marketing types must have software that find legitimate email accounts to send their ads.

Ridiculous.  And what a waste of time for most of us.  I get notes from people who want to give me millions of dollars.  If you’ve got millions, just send it to River Ridge Church, get your tax deduction, and we’ll put the money to good use.  I don’t know about you, I just delete this stuff from my spam folder without reading it.  Someone must be clicking those links and buying the junk their selling.  If you are, STOP.  The rest of us are tired of getting the spam.  And it’s a shame that someone took the name of good meat to refer to all that junk that finds it’s way into our mailboxes!