Rhonda and I went to the Braves Fanfest after a River Ridge gathering today.  It was pretty cool.  Both of us signed forms saying  that we would not sue the Braves or whoever if we did an interactive thing and got hurt.  We didn’t play anything.  The lines were really long (except the small kids knock it out of the park thing).

We got to see Matt Diaz play ball with some kids.  That was cool.  We got to see a couple make a video of a sport recording (looked like fun, but a long line).  We watched a guy who thought he was cool swing at 60 mph pitches and never make contact!  We saw a girl in a batting cage swing like a girl (my girls would have hit the ball!).

Of all the things, we bought some furniture!  That’s right.  The Braves were selling sofas and chairs from the suites (those really high priced tickets).  We bought 2 sofas, 2 chairs, and a barstool.  They are not pretty, but they’ll do just fine for our basement.   And best of all, the total price for all 5 pieces was $140!   Actually, the money was going to different charities in Atlanta.  We got a great deal and some kids get helped too!

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  1. tasha says:

    I did not know you were such a big Braves FAN!!! Why did I not know that? I knew you were a football fan…but I guess baseball just has not come up in conversation yet.