I have been a fan of the Amazing Race since the beginning.  Heather (my oldest kid) and I went an open audition for the show a few years back.  We didn’t get very far though.  The computer geeks were a couple of guys I enjoyed watching.  But they were the last to arrive last week (failed to read a clue correctly) and are off the show.  I’m not sure they’ll go far, but I think the mother/son team are cool.  I don’t care much for the ex-football player and his wife.  I’m sure they are nice people; they just get on my nerves.  Maybe the divorced women will be last tonight (they really get on my nerves).

The race should be interesting this year.  I’d love to be on it.  If you’d like to partner with me, give me a call.  Maybe we’ll be able to send in a tape that will get us on the show.