Mark and Brian come over today to work in our front yard.  Mark has a bobcat (didn’t get to drive it).  I had chainsaw and throw the cut down trees on the dump truck duty.  I’m beat.  I used muscles today I haven’t used in a while.  But Rhonda is happy.  The front yard “woods” are gone, and I’m bummed about it.  Oh well, at least GA beat Tennessee and Sunday is going to be awesome!

2 Comments on I’m beat

  1. Good sermon. Established Churches need to hear it.

  2. Randy says:

    Sam – I saw Quinton last Friday night; back from our days playing basketball. He is doing well. We chatted about the old days playing. We used to get sore then also.

    I also sent your name to a high school friend of mine who is pastoring a small church in MS. The link is; I sent him your name and website. He was at a church in Dublin a while ago.

    Take care,