Who needs a proof reader?  i don’T.  I Can write jus fine.  IN fact i dont need to ree-write most of what I write because i’m soo GOOD at riting.

Okay, I’m a little ticked off at myself.  So, I’ll make fun of myself.  If you read River Ridge’s newsletter this week, you may have caught a couple of typo’s.  You may have thought, “What an idiot!  Did he go to school?”   As a matter of fact I did.  I even have an earned Doctor of Ministry degree (it’s kind of like a PhD).

The bottom line is this … i stink at proof reading what i rite.  I git in a hurry, change thangs around, re-write, cut paste, and rite, clikc undo and redo, forget about mistakes and missing words.  and anyway.

You get the point!!!! Until next time, happy reading my writing. 

1 Comment on Proofreading! wHo ME?

  1. tasha says:

    This probably took a lot of “thought” to mess up so bad on purpose. Funny!