Confessions.  My confessions.  That’s what I’m talking about for the next four Sundays.  I’ve got the basic topics, but who knows where this thing is going.  I could talk about so much because I’ve got my share of sinful behaviors.  A lot of people have this idea that the pastor is close to perfect.  That is far from true.  Maybe that’s because some pastors (and Christians) act like they’re near perfect.

Paul, who was the first world missionary of his day and a guy who wrote a lot of the New Testament, commented once about his life.  He regretted that he did things that he knew God didn’t want him to do and that he didn’t do things that God wanted him to do.  I could have written those words.  I long to be perfect, but realize I’ll never be perfect in this life.  Yet, there are times when I enjoy breaking God’s law. I know what I’m doing, know I shouldn’t do it, and do it anyway.  Shame on me!

Now, you may be wondering, “Why is this guy a pastor?”  Or  you may be celebrating by saying, “I’m glad he’s not my pastor!  My pastor is better than that.”  I’m a pastor because of God’s call.  I strive for perfection, but fall short.  I am just a real person who struggles with stuff and tries to please God.

Here’s a news flash: if you’re looking for a perfect pastor, you’re out of luck.  They don’t exist.  So why not find a church where the pastor and those attending admit that no perfect people ever show up on Sunday.  That’s real!

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  1. Tim O says:

    Well Pastor Sam I think I have read all of your posts and I must say this one says it all!
    You have laid it all out there for the world to see and you might of well had cause GOD already knew this!
    I pray the folks in the tri county area around Douglas county will read this and do some pondering on your words cause if that would happen I know we would have to hold church at some ball park like turner field