This morning before Rhonda and I ate our breakfast I thanked God for the food.  I added a little something to the prayer this morning … “God, give us a chance to help someone today.”  I’m not sure why I added that phrase.  It just popped into my mind, so I said it.  It’s not like I intentionally refuse to help people.  I can’t recall a single time I ever thought “I’m not going to help someone out today.”  That’s stupid and unchristian.

I guess I helped several people today.  I had lunch with a pastor in town and paid for the meal (but he bought mine last time, so I don’t think this one counts).  I spent time with the student I’m mentoring.  We hung out in the lunchroom and talked.  I bought him an ice cream (I had one too and missed seeing him the past couple of weeks; maybe I was trying to deal with some guilt, so this doesn’t count either).

After walking him back to class, I explained to the substitute teacher where he had been.  I talked for a few minutes with her about River Ridge.  She had heard of us (remember the egg drop?).  After a few minutes, she was very interested and may just show up Sunday!  Maybe this was it … the answer to my prayer.

Really, the bottom line is that I helped all of these people in some way.   That’s pretty cool.