I’ve done a lot of reflecting (praying, reading the Bible, etc.) since Sunday.  We prayed for 200 to show up and it wasn’t even close.  I was disappointed.  And so were you.

But here’s the bottom line . . . each empty chair represents one person who needs a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We did not start River Ridge for the “I’m already going to church” crowd.  Those empty chairs should remind us that it is not about me, you, or us.  We kick our butts each week for those who are not in church right now.  We ought to be motivated more than ever to invite people.  It is our job to fill them up.

I know it is discouraging.  I know it’s hard work.  I know you’re tired.  This is hard work.  If it was easy we’d go to an established church that is more of a religious Christian club than a life-changing soul saving culture impacting living organism.  I don’t want to  sit on my rear end and soak up some “make me feel good that I’ve done my religious duty this week.”

Sunday WAS awesome!  Andy and the band flat out knocked it out of the ballpark.  Jesus was lifted up.  Charles, David, and Tim hit the bullseye on audio and video.  Many of you told me how much you needed and appreciated the message (thanks!).  The set-up looked great.  The preschool and children’s areas were amazing.  The host and greeting teams were fantastic.

Except for one thing that we need to keep in the front of minds, we were ready.  What’s that one thing?  We do what we do for those who are not in a growing relationship with Jesus right now.  That’s it.

Now, let’s bring them in!

1 Comment on Empty Chairs

  1. Andy G. says:

    Well said Sam. Each chair represents someone who needs Jesus more than ever and it’s our job to bring them in. Truth be known, Jesus went out into the world-being a Christ Follower means we are active, NOT passive. We need to pray for the boldness of each person within our church so that we may allow God to work within our lives and guide us. Let’s look at this as a New Beginning, with New Attitudes and a New outlook on RRChurch. We need each other so we can walk through this journey at RR together, not separate, but together. We must be a light into the world and reflect off of one another, BUT, when you and I get in the right place, God’s light shines within us. RRChurch should be the light in Douglasville and Douglas County, not with our own light, but with the light of Christ..

    (Maybe I need a blog too?? Am I preaching, talking or what??? This is weird.. Lol)