life without the right paperI’ve been there.  More than once.  I’ve been there in my own home.  In those cases, I just ask for help.  Sometimes I’ve had to yell to get someone’s attention.  It’s always embarrassing.  But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

And I’ve been there in other places too.  What do you do in this situation?  While you could cry out for help, you’d rather not bring attention to your problem.  Instead, you’ll probably look around on your own to find out where the spares are stored.  After you’ve exhausted your search and found nothing to assist you, you contemplate calling for help.  You’d love to get the attention of someone you know.  Someone you trust will take care of your problem in a quiet and discreet manner.  You don’t want anyone to make fun of you.  You just want to take of business and get out with a little dignity.

At first, you softly call for help.  You wait.  You listen.  Nothing.  Nothing but silence.

So, you muster up some courage and call a little louder.  Again, you wait.  Nothing.  No noise.  No familiar voice coming to your rescue.  You begin to think that they heard you.  They know all about your problem.  And they’re enjoying your agony!

Eventually, you grow weary of the wait and yell at the top of your lungs.  Everyone in the house hears you.  But no one understands.  By now you have an audience outside the door.  Someone asks you what’s wrong.  You explain your dilemma.  You hear soft laughter.  You know the jokes are coming.  But, alas, your problem has been solved.

Life can be tough.  When it is just call out to God and tell him all about it.  He won’t laugh.  There’s no need to feel embarrased.  He’ll take care of business.