I’ve been wondering how many will show up Sunday.  Our ad for free gas cards in Chapel News and Views is out.  Thousands got the magazine.  Who knows how many saw our ad?

223,674.  That’s how many e-mails went out this week advertising River Ridge and our gas card give-away.  Those people live within a 30 mile radius of Diamond Starz.  Of those two hundred thousand plus emails, 13,934 were opened and 509 people visited our website.

How many will show up?  I don’t know.  We have been praying for 200.  We’ll have seats for 200.  I’m having flashbacks from the Egg Drop.  What if 1,000 show up?  What if there is a traffic jam?  What if we have to turn people away from attending a worship service?

I don’t know what to expect.  I’m just asking God to help us point people to Jesus.  I praying that we will see people who are disconnected from God get connected!  That’s why we’re doing this gas thing.  We’re shaking up this place!

1 Comment on Who will show up?

  1. Jeromy says:

    Look forward to hearing how God is going to reward you. You are in my prayers.