• Small group starts back tonight after taking a couple of weeks off
  • The past three services have been awesome … great attendance & energy with lots of guests
  • Still looking for 125 chairs … looks like we’re going to rent them this week
  • Some of our regulars will be out this week … bummer
  • Will be doing a “Man of the Week” next week (short week with lots to do)
  • Woke up at 5 this morning & could not go back to sleep
  • Praying for 200 to show up this Sunday

1 Comment on Mid-week Thoughts

  1. Charles McKinley says:

    God is good isn’t he. I got a call today from a pastor in North Pauling County today. Crossroads UMC is giving us 100 metal folding chairs!!!!!!! We only need about 30 more.