Rhonda and I spent some time praying tonight at Diamond Starz.  If you’d like to know what we prayed about, I’ve posted our prayer below.  Why did we do this?  Prayer is vital to building intimacy with God.  It expresses our dependency on Him.  When we ask God to build His kingdom, He is honored and moved.  We are asking God to use us to connect people to Himself.  We cannot do that without Him.  In case you want to know what we prayed for, our prayer list is below.  Why not take a few minutes and pray for the same things!

  1. Ourself (heart for the spiritually disconnected, things you’re thankful for, your attitude, sin, relationships, etc.)
  2. People Who Need to Know God (Holy Spirit to speak to them, opportunities to invite them to River Ridge, positive 1st impressions, etc.)
  3. People Serving @ River Ridge (thank God for them, God’s blessings on them, attitudes, patience, spiritual growth, etc.)
  4. Big Picture (God to provide money, workers, & other resources to connect people to Himself, etc.)