spamSpam. I’m going out on a limb here and admit that I like spam. People make fun of Spam as well as those who like it.  I’ve seen the TV spots where someone takes a can of spam and then drives over it.  Spam goes everywhere.  What a waste of good meat!

I’ve been enjoying spam for a long time.  I ate as a kid.  We cooked it when we had kids.  We always had french fries with it.

We always fried it.  It was painful and messy because it “popped” grease all over the place.  But it was worth the pain.  It was salty.  It satisfied my taste buds.

I must admit, though, there have been times when I have been embarrassed at the grocery store.  I’ve waited until no one was on the isle to pick up a can of Spam.  If someone came up, I pretended to be confused or just starred as if I was lost in thought.  I have even hidden the Spam in the buggy.  What a shame!

I don’t know why people make fun of it.  It’s just meat . . . made from pork by-products and lots of preservatives.  People eat hot dogs.  They are made from the same kind of things.

You may be wondering why I’m writing about Spam.  I just looked at my gmail account.  It gets a lot of mail “spam.”  And that got me to thinking about Spam.  It’s been a while since I’ve had some.  Maybe I’ll just go to the store, pick up a can, and hold it up high on my way to checkout.

My name is Sam, and I like Spam!

4 Comments on Good spam, bad spam

  1. Is it your memory going bad or mine? I don’t remember cooking Spam. (I called your sister. She remembers cooking it for ya’ll for lunch.)

  2. says:

    Sam you are a great SPAM man. I eat SPAM, but only cooked. I did eat it raw as a kid, but I grew up and found out it’s better fried.

  3. Justin P says:

    I also grew up eating spam raw and cooked.

  4. Tim O says:

    I have also eaten spam as a kid cooked, as a soldier raw, as a broke married young soldier cooked for sunday dinner.
    I still eat it today mostly raw as a sandwich on bread with hot mustard, good stuff.
    Sam I don’t understand your acting so crazy in the store buying it, I get it and put it with my sardines and caned smoked osyters and check out proudly!