• I’m inviting you to join me and Rhonda at Diamond Starz Saturday night to pray. Details about the time will be in the newsletter on Thursday.
  • Rooms @ Diamond Starz: Rich @ Diamond Starz has someone who can get the permit for the rooms. Tim O’ is finalizing the materials list. We’re going to get those rooms built for our kids soon. Keep praying.
  • Next week I’m going to start a “man of week” blog entry. I’d love to interview a guy each week and then post it as podcast (no video for now).
  • You guys have given a lot of school supplies! Way to go.
  • Tim O’ suggested that we do something to help out some locals folks. What do you think about taking a Saturday morning to help out an elderly person? Maybe we could make some home repairs or do some yard work.
  • We need 150 chairs. Ask God to supply them.
  • We need a couple of people to stand outside from 9:45 to 10:25 during September. Volunteers?
  • Things are coming together for our re-launch in September. A big ad is coming out in Chapel Hill News and Views. We’ve got postcards coming you can use to invite people (see the card below). We are sending an ad to 50,000 email addresses. Get ready for a big crowd all month long!

River Ridge Postcard about Life

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  1. Tim O says:

    I love the post card, It hits home!