• Worship was awesome!
  • We had a great crowd today.
  • The band rocked!
  • It was great to see some old friends back in the band (Zach & Loreen).
  • I had some great conversation with some new faces today!
  • Andy is a cool dude.  He got an iPhone over the weekend.  And he wants a bike.  I’m looking forward to him singing in a few weeks.
  • Justin wants a bike, too. 
  • When I get one I’m riding with Andy and Justin (a GA boy with 2 Bama guys).
  • The Bulldogs season starts soon.  Can’t wait.
  • Been watching some of the Olymics . . . mostly swimming & beach volleyball
  • Can’t wait until next Sunday!

2 Comments on Sunday Night Mind Dump

  1. Justin P says:

    Man dont I want a BIKE, please be praying for my wife, that GOD will show her that I really need that BIKE!!

  2. Charles M says: