Ever since the iPhone came out, I’ve had an itch to get one. All of my kids have one. They love it. Since getting a Mac, the itch has grown! The iPhone would work so well for me because my calendar, contacts, and music are on the mac. It would be an awesome work phone. It would be cool to surf the net anywhere. It’s got GPS! Instant directions no matter where I’m at. Oh well. I can’t scratch that itch right now. Not enough money in the bank. That bites!

But wait. I’ve got another itch. With the soaring gas prices I think I really need a motorcycle. I’ve always wanted a Harley. But I know I can’t afford that. After Katie called last week and told us she got a scooter, my itch got worse. I spent a little time checking out Honda’s Rebel bike. It’s not expensive ($4,000). It’s small. It’s great on gas (65 miles to the gallon).

I stopped by Starbucks this morning to work on the message for Sunday. I parked next to a bike. I sat next the guy who drove the bike (he had the biker look). The itch for a bike got bad. So I stopped by the Honda place in Douglasville to look at the Rebel. SOLD OUT! I guess I’ll have to wait before scratching this itch too.

Here’s the thing: the world has not ended because I can’t buy an iPhone or a Honda Rebel. Oh well. Maybe someday these dreams will come true.

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  1. hancock9988@comcast.net says:

    Dreams do come true. Just keep them going.