A few weeks ago Rhonda and I went to Six Flags over GA.  As we were walking toward the Superman coaster, we heard music from one of the shows.  We decided to stop by and check it out.  There were not many people in theater (less than 30).  It was an outdoor theater, and it was hot.

The show was OK.  If pressed, I would probably say that it was good.  But the show was not great.  Yes, the park had only been open for a few days.  Maybe the cast needed more time to work out some bugs.  Perhaps that was their best.  It could be that we were used to the shows at Disney (the standard there is high).  Or maybe we were just so hot and tired that we weren’t thinking clearly.

That experience got me to thinking about excellence.  A lot of people talk about it these days.  And I think excellence is rarely realized.  Basically, excellence means to have the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  I want to be outstanding.  I don’t want to settle for average or even good.  I’m not there.  Not yet.  But that’s my goal.

I want everything at River Ridge to be excellent.  We’re not there, but we are working toward it.  Progress is made each week.  Even if it’s a baby step, we get a little better each week.

You may wonder why excellence is such a big deal to me.  God gave his best.  I should give my best.  No excuses.  I guess you could say that you’ve got the “play the cards you’ve been dealt.”  Are you satisfied with just being good?  Or, are you outstanding?