The a/c was on and working at Diamond Starz yesterday.  It was awesome.  The service was great.  Rhonda and I hosted one of our small groups last night.  We had a wonderful time with everyone.  Sunday was a great day.

Today was, well, different.  I meet the folks at Douglasville City Hall to start the zoning paperwork so we could have services at Diamond Starz.  I was told that we could not meet there because it is zoned as light industrial and would have to move.  I am going to the city council meeting tonight to ask them for special permission that would allow us to stay where we are.  I’m not sure what their decision will be.  I’ve turned this thing over to the Lord.  River Ridge is God’s church.  He is in charge.  I’ll do my part, and leave the rest up to Him.   There are several people praying and doing what they can do.  I guess the bottom line is this . . . we’ll do our part and give God the glory in whatever happens trusting Him no matter what because He is in charge, will lead us no matter what, and will be honored by us.