Rhonda got a call from a neighbor Thursday afternoon.  She wanted to know if we could help some kids buy some Christmas presents Friday morning.  The Douglasville Police Department, along with a the Optimist Club (I think), K-Mart, and other caring people, raised $9,200 so 92 kids could buy something for Christmas. 

We (me, Rhonda, and our youngest daughter, Katie) showed up at K-Mart around 8:30 Friday morning.  After some brief instruction, we waited for the kids to arrive.  I saw a young fellow and sensed God wanted me to help him.  Nick had been written on his nametag.  I introduced myself and off we went.  Nick is a mature 5th grader who wants to be a surgeon.

Nick had prepared.  He had studied the lastest sales paper, done his math, and circled the items he wanted to buy.  The first thing on his list was an mp3 player.  We got it!  In just a few moments, Nick had spent almost all of his $100 on himself.  As he looked in the buggy, he told me that he wanted to get something for his mom and may have to put something back.  He knew what he wanted to get his mom, so off we went.  Before the morning was over, Nick had put back everything he had wanted to buy for himself except a couple of things.  He had presents for his mom, sister, and brothers.  I was touched by his unselfish spirit.

After going through the line and paying for everything, I walked Nick back the breakroom where cookies and punch were served to all the kids.  As I walked back to the front of the store, I was impressed by this young man.  While waiting for my wife to finish up, Katie and I were talking when she asked me if that was the kid I had helped. 

Nick was looking for me.  He wanted someone to take our picture so he could remember our time together.  As we posed for our picture, Nick looked up at me and said, “This was the best day of my life.”  My eyes filled with tears.  I didn’t do anything big.  I just spent an hour with a kid who wanted something for himself and his family for Christmas.  It’s amazing how something so small can make a BIG impact in someone’s life.

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