Yesterday, Rhonda and I drove to Gainesville, FL for a wedding.  Randy and Karen are good friends from our days in Orlando.  Their daughter, Cayce, is getting married!  I’m performing the ceremony.  Cayce and Michael both love the Lord and I’m honored they asked me to do the ceremony.

We had a great time at the rehearsal and dinner that followed last night.  Since we are in the heart of Gator country and several in the wedding party learned that I had a GA Bulldog auto tag on my truck, they started some GA-Gator trash talk.  Sorry.  It just wasn’t working for me.  Bottom line, GA has won more games than FL, and GA will win this year!

The wedding is later this afternoon.  After it’s over, we’ll head back to Douglasville.  Anne, Bruno, and Timothee stayed at our house to get some rest.  Bruno will be singing at River Ridge Sunday.  That will be awesome.