I worked on several River Ridge projects this morning.  One of them was checking on a permit for River Ridge to hold services in Douglasville city limits.  A city inspector checking out the AC work at Diamond Starz saw our sign and found out that we did not have a permit!  I went to city hall and made some phone calls to work things out.  I’ve got a meeting with the permit clerk July 21.  Until then, we press on as we have been doing!

We were planning on taking our Belgium friends to Stone Mountain today.  But it rained most of the afternoon, so they decided to stay in Douglasville.  Rhonda took them to the Family Christian Bookstore to get some gifts for their family in Belgium.  Anne wanted to cook, so we stopped by Kroger to get the things she needed.  Anne cooked some crepes (we loaded them up with powered sugar and chocolate syrup) and onion soup.  We had the soup with burgers I grilled for supper.  Anne is a fine cook!  We ended our day by watching “Night at the Museum” in French with no subtitles!  It’s a good thing I’ve seen the movie and could follow along!