We went to Helen in the north GA mountains today.  We had lunch by a creek in state park.  After lunch we headed for the falls and saw a baby fox!  That was cool.  Just as we made to the falls (0.4 miles up the mountain) it started raining.  It poured, and we got soaked.  On our way back to Helen I stopped to pick up some hot boiled peanuts.  Bruno, Anne, and Timothee had never tasted them, nor did they like it (the same was true of fried pork rinds).  I bought some boiled peanuts, hot pork rinds, and peach cider.  That’s some good eating and drinking!

We finally made it back to Helen to visit the stores (not my idea of fun).  Anne and Bruno really enjoyed the town (reminded them of some places they’ve been to in Europe).  We were going to grill some burgers, but couldn’t because it rained again.  Instead, we stopped by Chick-fil-a.  Our day ended with an old French movie about a food critic (very funny).  We are having a great time with our friends.

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  1. hancock9988@comcast.net says:

    I think that Anne, Bruno and Timothy have good taste in food.