Carlton Katie Guitar HeroWe wrapped up our Heroes Redefined series yesterday.  It was awesome.  Brett let us use his PS3 so we could play some Guitar Hero before worship.  We had some paper ready for people for make “support buttons” for their favorite rocker.  Our band kicked off worship with a rocking worship song.  After a couple of announcements Carlton and Katie had a Guitar Hero duel.  It was close game with the lead going back and forth.  In the end, Katie ROCKED!  Sorry Carlton.  But you still rocked.

The music was great yesterday.  I announced yesterday that Carlton is going to start focusing on reaching middle and high school students.  He is doing a great job as our worship leader, but he has a passion to reach students.  So, that means I’m looking for someone to lead our worship arts ministry.  Carlton is going to keep doing it until we find someone.  We want to start an awesome student ministry, and he needs to get on it ASAP.  So, keep us in your prayers.

Installation of the new A/C unit will be installed this week.  I’m praying it will be ready for this Sunday.  God is good.  Amen!