I started wiring a few rooms in our basement this past Saturday.  Last night I connected the breakers in the electrical panel.  I was careful.  Right in front of me were some hot wires!  I did not want to touch them.  There are some things in life we need to be careful around.  They can and often are good things when used the right way.  But if you use it the wrong way, you’ll get a jolt!  And the price can be high.  Stay away.

There is also a positive and a negative charge in electricity.  Both are needed for it to work.  In life, there are positive and negative people.  Personally, I prefer to hang around those who are positive.  All the negative stuff gets me down.  But, we must not ignore the negative.  There is something there that may need to be addressed.  So listen and fix what you can.  And by all means, focus on the positive rather than what’s wrong!