A few weeks ago the Georgia Baptist Convention gave us a trailer from a church plant that did not make it.  We knew it had a lot of stuff in it.  But we did not know how much.  Yesterday, several of us went though it to sort things out.  It was loaded with all kinds of goodies.  Karen, our preschool director, was in awe.  She found a ton of stuff she could use.  Our children’s ministry and guest services were winners as well.

We are grateful for this gift.  The trailer is nice.  The other things are gravy!  We had been asking God to provide a trailer for us, and we had no idea that He would do more than we could ask.  God simply did what He said he would do (Ephesians 3:20). 

If you are doing something that will honor God, keep praying.  You may be surprised at what God does.