Rhonda and I spent the day helping her sister, Bonnie, today. We finished spreading the mulch. Me and her son, Al, dug a trench for some edging. Yes, the dirt was as hard as a brick. We used some upper body strength with a huge tool to pound a hole in the ground. I put together some tubing to help with water drainage.  I finished off the day by straying some Roundup on some weeds.

We’re both tired. And we’re going to leave to have dinner with friends (Tim & Eileen; David & Debra) from church! What a way to end the day.

1 Comment on Helped Bonnie Today

  1. Bonnie Hancock says:

    Thanks Sam and Rhonda for all the help on 2 back to back Saturdays, and special thanks to Rhonda for working 3 days to move 20 yards of mulch. My family is awesome!!!