The list of potential worship sites has been narrowed down to three!  I’m listing them for you, and no, they are not in any particular order of preference.

  1. Hunter Park (off Hwy 5 near 78): $80 for each room we rent.  So, the rent for three rooms would be $960 (4 Sunday months).  They have chairs and tables, as well as a lot of parking spaces.  There are a couple of Sundays this summer they are not available.
  2. Diamond Starz Baseball (off Hwy 5 near 78): $1,000 during the summer months & $1,500 for the next three months. They are building 2 enclosed air conditioned rooms
    that we would use for preschool & children’s worship.  They are getting a Port-a-Cooler (check the website) to cool the building this summer. Parking is not issue.  We can store our staging and other heavy items there.  We would be able to hang our lights, screen, and projector from the ceiling.  Also, they would hang our banner in the building, allow us to do some weekday outreach events, and partner with us on other outreach events.
  3. Dance Academy (Bright Star Road near 78): $1,250 per month. They have three rooms, a great lobby, and plenty of parking.  The largest room, though, may not be large enough for us to grow.  I’m going to measure the room later today.

Share your thoughts!  Be thankful for the journey.

5 Comments on Down to 3

  1. Tim O says:

    The Starz Baseball sounds pretty good what about the band practice?

  2. Amber says:

    Baseball sounds okay. What does “1,000 during the summer months & $1,500 for the next three months” mean???? Aren’t the next 3 months summer months???? What about chairs???? Can we put a sign outside during the week?????

  3. Jim Akins says:

    1. which location is closest to the people you are reaching currently? These are the ones that will bring their friends.
    2. which location comes with a built in clientele that you will be able to market to (the reason schools are such great locations)
    3. what is the potential term of the lease?
    4. which location is easiest to see from the road
    5. which location has more parking
    6. is one more difficult to find the meeting location than the other, move to the one that is easiest for a guest to locate, your members should always know where to go
    7. which location gives you potential for growth, even if in multiple services
    8. no air no deal, it is way too hot in the summer to try to meet without air
    9. does either location keep you connected to a neighborhood that is recognizable by the participants
    10. what are your plans to leverage this move as a marketing tool

  4. charles says:

    Is the porta-cool going to work. Its only rated For 4000 sqft. Where as the building is 6000 sqft. What about chairs. Is setup going to take longer due to us having to move all the cages and astro-turf. Do we have enough drape to hide everything. These are questions I think we need to ask ourselves before we make any decisions.

  5. charles says:

    Were none of the villa rica schools available. It seemed that they are the most affordable at under 200 a week.all are in high traffic areas either on 61 or right off of it.