I tried to post the video I had promised, but cannot.  The volume level was not high enough, and it had a lot of “fuzz” too. I’m sorry, but the quality just wasn’t there. So, I’ll give you guys an update of what’s happened so far.

Carlton and I spent Monday checking out several places that were suggested on Sunday. We visited places in Douglasville and Villa Rica. You guys shared some great ideas, and we checked them all out. A few of the places were not interested in renting their place out, one is free (but a long way off), and will get back with us.

The Starz Baseball facility (mentioned on Sunday) has offered a solution to the A/C problem and the room needs for preschool/children. I’ll share more about that on Wednesday. A dance studio on Bright Star Road will rent us their facility. I’m waiting to hear from a couple of other places.

Keep praying. The journey is great.