I’m watching an IMAX film right now called “Adrenaline Rush.”  Skydivers are extreme risktakers.  The danger makes them happy.  The whole show is about why some people avoid risk and others run into it.  Risk takers love the thrill.  They feed on it.  They can’t live without it. 

Church planters are risktakers.  People who help start churches are risktakers.  Starting a church is not for everyone.  Some people like predictable.  That’s okay. 

Base jumpers (people who jump off cliffs) know the danger.  Many base jumpers know someone who didn’t make it.   They sense fear, yet they risk their life in a 24 second freefall for the thrill of a long-lasting high. 

Starting River Ridge is a risk (this past Sunday was proof of that).  Despite the risk, I press on.  I love the thrill.  I love the high.  Many of you understand what I’m talking about.  Life is so cool.