Ever think about what you did last week (or anytime in the past)?  I was driving a 16′ foot moving truck.  Me and Lori (our middle daughter) were headed from Orlando to NYC.  She was moving.  It seems like a long time ago.  It seems like a faint memory now.  That’s strange.

A lot of people live in the past.  Sadly, they are stuck there.  If you’re thinking a lot about the past, learn from the mistakes and move on.  Don’t let them keep you down.  In the New Testament, Paul wrote “Forgetting the things that are behind me, I press on toward the prize before me.”  That’s a good word. 

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  1. Justin P says:

    Thanks for the good word today. I myself have done things that I am not proud of, sometimes I often feel that i dont deserve what God has given me(like a Job, a home, a family, a new church family, and a wonderful wife). But I can honestly say that i have learned from my mistakes, and I have also learned to press forward to the prize thats before me.