While sitting here staring at a blank computer screen not sure what to write about tonight and watching the CMT Music Awards, I hear Brad Paisley singing some familair words.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard “I’m Still a Guy.”  If not, it is hilarious!  Basically, it’s a song about how guys see things differently from women.  Maybe the band will sing it on Father’s Day?!?

The thing is … guys are different.  And sadly, there are a lot of guys far from God.  For whatever reason, a lot of guys don’t want to do the God/Jesus thing.  Maybe one reason is because church is not cool.  Maybe some guys think that following Jesus will make them less of man.  Whatever the reason, it’s time for River Ridge to shake things up.  Let’s show men that “doing the Jesus thing” is not cool, it’s fun!

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  1. Tim O says:

    Real Men Have Jesus In Their Heart and or Real Men Know Jesus and Talk To Him Daily Just Like He Is Their Best Bud