You may have seen the commercials where the guys were talking about man law.  Yes, I know they are selling beer.  For those who are already offended, sorry.  I’ve never drank a beer nor am I suggesting that you do it.  I’m talking about taking an idea that connected men to beer and using it connect men to Jesus.
The idea is “man law.”

Guys, I want us to create some commercials for River Ridge that use the “man law” idea to talk about church for men.  Send me your ideas.  If you want to be in the video(s), let me know.  Let’s have some fun.  This is a great way for us to help guys connect with God.

3 Comments on Man Church Videos

  1. Tim O says:

    Count me in !!
    Man I missed ya all, not one sunday but TWO and in a row, I look forward to being with ya this SUNDAY!

    Be a Blessing to someone else!

  2. Justin P says:

    I think thats a cool idea. Count me in also

    Check out what we are doing to reach out to men in Daytona Beach, FL