I read a blog today from Jim Akins about church for men.  When I was in West Ridge’s Church Planting School, Gary Lamb talked about this idea.  After listening to Gary, I decided that River Ridge was going to be a “man” church.  I want men to feel comfortable.  I want men to have fun.  I want men to want to come back.  Most of all, I want men to connect with Jesus.  This idea doesn’t mean I don’t like or want to neglect the women.  I want a manly environment to reach guys.

When you reach a guy, you’ve reached the family.  In fact, I believe most churches are too feminine.  I wonder if that’s why most churches have more women than men.  So, to all you guys in Douglas and Carroll counties, let’s build a real man’s church.  According to the guys Jim mentioned, we want loud non-sissy music, a call to action, and no pastel colors! 

Guys (and ladies), let me know what you think “man” church looks and feels like.

For a little inspiration, check out the Burger King commercial below.