Last night in our small group we started a new study on Christianity and other religions. Near the end of the study we talked about how do we talk to others and how do we guard against being led astray by a false teacher or religion.

I am convinced that truth matters. The question for many is this: “What is truth?” Truth, as far I’m concerned, is found in the Bible. I’m one of those who believe that absolute truth is discovered in the Bible. I am persuaded that God spoke through human writers to reveal His will, who He is, and how we should live in the pages of the Bible.

For me, truth matters. That’s my starting point. And when I’m talking to anyone about discovering God’s will, I’ll point them to the Bible. When I speak with someone from another religion, I go straight to the Bible; and I want them to see that only through it’s pages can they find truth that lasts forever.

Truth matters. Discover it in the Bible!