This morning while driving to the office a lady was riding my bumper. I did not pull out in front of her. I was driving the speed limit. I did slow down a little … she did not back off. I refused to be intimidated by her attempt to push me down the road!

The same thing happened on the way home from the office last night. That guy was really close … and when I had to slow down for a car turning ahead of me … I looked into the whites of his eyes (he was not paying attention & I hoped he was going to see my brake lights before greeting me in the rear) … he hit his brakes hard and backed off for a little while before getting back to his tailgating ways.

I don’t like anyone riding my bumper! Tailgaters are road bullies. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. So, if you’re a tailgater, I’d like to share my thoughts with you …

  • you don’t own the road … learn to share it
  • leave earlier … learn to manage your time
  • speed limit … learn that a speed limit is for safety (including yours)
  • life is short … learn to slow down and enjoy the ride

So, if you happen to get on my tail again, I want you to know that I am aware you are there. I’m not going to speed up. I will slow down a bit when I see a vehicle in front of me to give a little more room between us. If you want to pass me, go ahead; but please do it when it’s safe for both of us. And finally, if I can find a safe place to pull over to let you pass I will.

And for the sake of all on the road, slow your behind down. And if, for some reason you refuse to do so, I’ll do what Jesus taught … “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you” (Matthew 7:12a, NLT).

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