God desires an intimate relationship with you. Webster defines intimate as “belonging to or characterizing one’s deepest nature.” God knows everything about us. If you are like me, I often feel as if I don’t know a lot about God. I don’t always understand his “deepest nature.” Webster also defined intimate in this way: “marked by a warm friendship developing through long association.” Jesus said that if we obey his commandments, then we are his friends (John 15:14). It takes time for friendship to reach maturity.

Perhaps that’s why so many people feel so far away from God. They don’t really take the time needed to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. Paul wrote, “I want to know Christ” (Philippians 3:10).  He wanted more than just a saving knowledge of Jesus. Paul longed for more than a “get out of hell” card. He longed to fulfill the desire God had placed deep in his heart to have an intimate relationship with his Savior.

God gave all of us that desire. Intimacy with God takes time and effort. We get to know God more deeply by spending time with Him in prayer, Bible reading, worship, fellowhip with other Christ-followers, and serving Him. Do not neglect spending time alone with Jesus. You will grow deeper in your friendship with Him.