Instead of writing a blog earlier tonight, I worked on our 2007 tax return.  I really dislike the process.  Why in world can’t we have a flat fair tax and get rid of the IRS.  As far as I’m concerned, completing a form that takes longer than 5 minutes to fill out with more exceptions and rules than are humanly understandable by a common person is a BIG waste of time.

I’ve vented, and no, I don’t feel better.  I’m for the fair tax.  Maybe somebody in Washington will get the job done.  As for my home state of Georgia, learn something from our friends in Florida about state taxes.  They don’t have a state income tax.  You don’t have to file a form.   You pay taxes when you spend your money in the form of a sales tax.  If Georgia tax time was that easy!

Maybe it’s time for another Boston Tea Party.  I heard on a local radio show a few days ago that it takes the typical American worker over 5 months to pay all their taxes.  Where is all that money going?  Enough already.  I’m done talking about politics now.

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