At the Egg Drop last week there was a mix-up with the Nintendo Wii.  I called out the name and ticket number of the winner.  I passed it down to a team member to award the prize.  Within a few minutes, the Wii was claimed by someone with the “winning” ticket.  Wrong! Or right?  We did run out of tickets and started writing new ones by hand.  The first few handwritten tickets duplicated a few numbers.  So, we could have made a mistake at that point.  And it is possible that someone simply wrote down the winning number to claim the Wii.  If that’s what happened, we still goofed.

Here’s the bottom line.  I take full responsibility for what happened.  Without a doubt, the rightful winner of the Wii did not get it.  So, we promised him that we would get him a Wii.  And these things are hard to find.  After speaking with my daughter Heather (who lives in NYC), she volunteered to stop by the Nintendo store there.  She called me Monday morning and told me that she had bought one!

Fedex delivered it today.  I called the winning family to deliver it to them.  We could have said that we’re sorry and left it there.  But that was not the right thing to do.  I’m glad we did the right thing.  I hope the young fellow who won the Wii enjoys it.  In fact, I hope the other kid enjoys his or her too.  That’s just the right thing to do.