I am not satisfied! I am not satisfied with River Ridge’s attendance. I am not satisfied with the number of people we’ve baptized. I am not satisfied with the weekly offering. I am not satisfied with the staff (that includes me!). I am not satisfied with our equipment. I am not satisfied.

Why? There are so many people far from God and so little time to reach them. Yes, I’m grateful for all God has done. He has shown us much and done much through us. The dissatisfaction I have comes from him. We can never let up, shut up, or give up. There are too many souls at stake. We’ve got to press on. God showed me this past Saturday that we could impact a lot of people where we are. If it meets a need, people will drive a long way to fill that need.

We’ve got what people need. Jesus! God wants people who are far from him to know Jesus intimately. We’ve been working hard. We’ve been giving money. We’ve been serving when it hurts. Let’s keep it going. Let’s see if God will allow us to reach 150 in worship before Memorial Day. We can do it. Let’s impact our little corner of the world. Let’s make an eternal difference in people’s lives. Let’s do it for Jesus!

2 Comments on I’m just not satisfied

  1. Just wanted to second that!!! I AM NOT SATISFIED EITHER

  2. Carlton Freeman says:

    Not to be too critical folks, but we shouldn’t ever be content or satisfied in this work. When you get comfortable is when you should start worrying. Any goal or destination we could set for ourselves will only fade as a mirage once we get to it and see the even bigger picture ahead.