I wasn’t sure what to expect today. It took me a long time to fall asleep Saturday night. I could not help thinking about the disappointed kids and parents who never got onto the field to get some eggs. I hurt for them because that was not our intention.

Anyway, I was a little anxious about the worship gathering. By the end of the first song, our normal crowd had doubled!  I took a few minutes to say a few words about the egg drop. I wanted our team to know how much I appreciated them for working so hard. I wanted any guests who showed up to know that God did something only he could do on Saturday (less than 50 people raising $4,000 to drop 10,000 eggs from a helicopter to host a community event for 500 kids). Instead of 500 kids, God sent over 4,000 people our way. I don’t know who started it, but I heard an uproar of applause.

Just a few minutes ago Rhonda and I looked at video footage of the egg drop. There were a lot of happy kids and parents. I’m grateful for that.

Today, I talked about enjoying life when it stinks. I explained that it’s really easy to focus on what’s not going right in your life and then let it get you down. I told everyone that if you look beyond your circumstances and listen for Jesus’ voice, you’ll be able to enjoy life when it stinks. That’s how Mary got beyond her grief on the first Easter (John 20).

Since yesterday I’ve been asking God to show me why he sent over 4,000 people our way when he knew we were not prepared for them. Why? I believe God wanted me to see the thousands of people who are far from him. I believe God wanted my heart to break for them. I saw them. Now River Ridge must love and serve them so they can see Jesus. That will not be easy, but that is why River Ridge exists!

7 Comments on Easter is a day of hope

  1. tasha says:

    You might just make sense!!! I hope you sleep tonight…I had a hard time going to sleep last night too…it might have been the 3 pots of coffe I made yesterday to keep me upright- but I had a ga-zillion things going through my head about the egg drop too. Today’s service was great and the turnout was wonderful and the singing was fantastic and all was hunky-dorey. Happy First Easter RIVER RIDGE!!!!!

  2. Tim O says:

    Well I have said it b4 and I’ll say it again “YOU CAN’T PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME” It’s almost like a football game somebody gonna win and somebody gonna lose. Point is like your sermon sometime life stinks and you can either drag your tail through it while holding your nose or you can CHOOSE a diferant way to get past the stink. when you have an event such as this you have no earthly idea of the number of people who will show up. If we only had 10 (ten) show up somebody would not have had a good day “because they choose not to” We could have given away THE GOLDEN GOOSE itself thay had laid 10 golden eggs a day as long as you feed and LOVED on it and the person who got it would have complained about the STINK!!!!
    I don’t care I’m not as gentle as some of you so sometimes It’s just TUFF!!!!
    Love ya all

    PS I know we all gave all we had and I know GOD said well done

  3. David says:

    After the egg drop on Saturday, I didn’t know what to think was in store for us on Sunday. I was pleased at the turn out but still had that uncertain feeling about the egg drop. Well I found the answer Sunday ” We as a church got off our couch of comfort went out into the community and did the best we could and thats what GOD wants us to do!!!!!”

  4. jennifer says:

    Well, If only a few of the people that showed up extra yesterday was there because of the egg drop… it was ALL Worth it. I know we had disappointed people but we also had people very grateful. My mother talked to some people we never got to see.. They told her they enjoyed it and was thankful it wasn’t pushy like some churches. That is what we are dealing with. WE are here to love them and show them what else there is out there and even if life stinks there is a better way out there! I was astounded by all the people that showed up but God brought them there. Sam, I really feel it was because He wanted us to see them… To see that there are SO many people out there without Him and to remind us of our purpose. I love you guys and am thankful God brought me to River Ridge. May we show them the love He has shown us!

  5. Bonnie Hancock says:

    I was at egg drop Saturday, and I saw more happy children/parents than not. God is working through River Ridge and it was very evident Saturday. But, the work has only begun. There are no endings with the Good Lord, only life. Praise his name and River River Church.

  6. Tamika Gross says:

    God Bless You River Ridge! My family and I were at the Easter Egg Drop. We were warned that it would be mostly white people there and we need to be careful. Well, God had spoken to me the day before and I knew that this was a place and an opportunity to be blessed by partaking in this spiritual event. I had so much fun. Everyone was so nice as I expected they would be! Considering what’s going on in the news this event open my heart to the blessing of diversity. Yes. Life can Stink! But wherever your standing can be a place of blessing! Remember, Paul was in a stinky prison but He chose to make it a place of worship and praise. As I stood on the grounds of the Easter Egg Drop I said “Thank you Jesus” and I didn’t get one egg, a gift certificate, or a WII game. I chose to receive the blessing right where I was standing.

  7. Tim O says:


    Thank you for sharing your story, I know it will touch and Bless other River Ridge Church team as it did me.