The past few days were busy. I worked long hours to “bring home the bacon” and meet the company’s goals. Last month, I almost reached them. All I needed was one more sale! This month, however, I did not even come close to the main sales quota (yes, my paycheck is a vivid reminder of that fact).  I did reach the other two main ones!

A sales quota is nothing more than a goal. It is a target you set (or someone else does for you) and then you work hard at reaching. This goal drives you. It motivates you. Goals should help you reach more than you would have done without them. Goals are good for us.

The company that I work for has established minimum goals for every sales rep. We are expected to meet those goals. We evaluate our progress almsot every day. It is a BIG deal. There are times that I get tired of the whole quota process.

Yet, I know they are a necessary evil.

I wonder what would happen in churches if that set some challenging goals and then worked hard to work them. I wonder what would happen if people (both paid and volunteer staff) were actually held accountable in reaching those goals.

It’s time churches get serious about fulfilling God’s mission. Set some goals. Stretch yourself. Hold people accountable. Get it done. It makes no sense to me that businesses all over the world are serious about making a profit and too many American churches are dying a slow painful self-centered death. God, our CEO, has high expectations for us to lead people to become mature followers of Christ.