Some people enjoy writing down their thoughts and spiritual insights in a journal. There are those who believe that writing in a journal is necessary for real spiritual growth. It’s supposed to be easy to journal. Just buy a notebook, read from the Bible, and write your thoughts, questions, and insights down. As time passes, a journal serves as a great tool for you go back and reflect on what you’ve learned.

I have tried to journal. But, I’m not very good at it. I start out well. Okay. I might make it a day or two before I stop writing anything down. I’ve tried to journal more than once. I just find it difficult to do it, and I’ve felt guilty because I struggle with the whole “journal thing.”

Have you ever felt guilty about a spiritual discipline (like prayer, Bible reading, meditating, fasting, etc.)? Don’t! We can get so hung up on the methods or ways to grow spiritually that we miss the point of it all. God just wants us to spend time with him. Just figure out what works for you and spend time getting to know God.

And by the way, I don’t believe I ever read in the Bible that Jesus ever wrote down a thought in a journal!